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WordPress Support + Care

WordPress Support + Care

We understand that a WordPress website requires regular care and maintenance to stay in optimal condition. That’s where we come in. We are specialists in WordPress support services for small to medium sized websites. Be it WordPress updates, core functions, plugins or themes, we take care of everything required for smooth functioning of the business.

Guternbeg Compatibility support

Guternbeg Compatibility support

Gutenberg is the future in content creation, and WordPress is encouraging users to try it out ahead of time. We help website owners, agency partners as well as freelance partners be ready for the future with Gutenberg support. You may need us to manage just one website or support several client sites; with our end to end support, you’re set!

Website Migration

Website Migration

Website migration is what we truly excel at. Host to host, CMS to CMS, complex or high volume, we are experts you need. We can even help you migrate a site from your development server.

WordPress Development

WordPress Development

What we’d love to do, is provide you with complete, end to end web solutions for your WordPress website. We are also experts in WooCommerce and BuddyPress development. However, we don’t really ask for minimum requirements to provide you with our expertise. We are as dedicated to small custom projects as we are to full builds.

Optimize Performance

Optimize Performance

Out team will always be proactive and monitor your site for performance issues while also conducting routine cleaning to maintain optimal functioning.

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Benefits of WPie

An organisation with best in class developers who offer 24/7 support, so you can focus on your business. And we'll take care of your website.

Optimal Website Performance

Our team will constantly monitor your site for performance issues and seek resolution. Rest assured, we will follow all the best practices to keep your website optimized and your visitors happy.

Traffic Growth

When your website performance is optimal it enables faster load times. As a result of which your visitor base is bound to grow.

Website Security

We monitor your site for vulnerabilities, malware, and attacks.

Cloud Backups

We backup your site at regular intervals to make sure that when the big surge comes, you're ready.

Super fast resolutions

We provide super fast resolutions and quick fixes to get your website up and running, in case of issues.

Skilled Developers

Our WPie team has a lot of experience with WordPress and there is no substitute for experience.

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